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Other stories about WW1 and East Africa

After having heard from three or four people whose family members had similar WW1 experiences to those of my Grandad, Ernest Dockray, as told on these pages, I thought it would be worth adding some further references that I have found, that are in the same vein.


  1. A paperback book published in 2001 by Alan Rutherford is entitled “Kaputala – The Diary of Arthur Beagle” which describes his time in the East Africa campaign 1916-1918. Arthur Beagle covered a lot of East Africa, starting up in the North by Mombassa, and also describing the major battle near Lindi and Mingoyo, which was the area where my Grandad was posted. The book is available on, and is ISBN: 0-9540517-0-X                                                                                                                        .
  2. 41FUvHrHM+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Another book covers the same geographical area, but 35 years later, 1952-1961, when it was known as Tanganyika: it was published 2004 by Donald Barton, whom we met and grew to be friends with via the Bodega wine bar in Alresford. Don lives near Alton. His book is “An Affair with Africa” and tells of his life in the Colonial service after WW2. Don was admitted to the same Hospital, the old German Hospital in Dar-Es-Salaam, where my grandfather had been, but actually Don was there some 40 years later, and it had not changed much! Don’s book is available via, and is ISBN: 0-75520122-1.    Sadly, Don passed away in late 2019.
  3. It would be remiss of me not to mention the book that my Grandad used to get many of the illustrations for his diaries, which was “THE MAN-EATERS OF TSAVO: AND OTHER EAST AFRICAN ADVENTURES” by Lt.Col. J.H. Patterson, D.S.O., with a Foreword by Frederick Courteney Selous. Probably Grandad used a 1907 edition or earlier (actually I know he did, I found the old pics in the right format in some copies I bought): many versions are available on, 2016.